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Lingard reaches 1000 robotic surgeries in a first for regional hospitals across NSW

Newcastle based Urological Surgeon Dr Albert Tiu made history this week, performing Lingard Private Hospital’s 1000th surgery using the state-of-the-art ‘da Vinci Xi’ surgical robot.

Lingard introduced the technology to Newcastle in 2017, and is the first regional hospital outside of Sydney to achieve the milestone.

“Lingard has a strong team of very experienced robotic surgeons, across a number of specialties, who have all worked towards this achievement,” says Dr Tiu. “We are thrilled to have the option of robotic surgery for our patients here in Newcastle.”

The da Vinci Xi surgical robot allows surgeons to perform complex procedures through multiple small incisions. The tiny robotic instruments essentially become the surgeon’s hands, allowing for greater precision, less scarring and quicker recovery times for the patient.

Lingard CEO Mr Andrew Mereau says the hospital will continue to pioneer the latest surgical treatments from around the world. “Lingard aims to be at the forefront of medical technology in Newcastle, as well as offering training opportunities for local surgeons who want to expand their skills and knowledge,” said Mr Mereau.

“With the fantastic medical talent I see every day at the hospital, there is no need for people to travel to Sydney for treatment,” he said, “even in the most complex of cases.”

Lingard Private Hospital utilises the da Vinci Xi surgical robot predominantly for urological, gynaecological, weight loss and colorectal conditions. For its 1000th case, Dr Tiu performed a robotic prostatectomy for a patient with prostate cancer. For more information about the robotics program follow this link: