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Lingard turns 40!

On the 18th February 1983, Lingard was officially opened as a surgical hospital, on its current site at Merewether Street.

From historic beginnings as part of the private hospital at Woodlands mansion in Church Street Newcastle (then owned by musician, philanthropist and art collector the late Dr Bill Bowmore), Lingard Private Hospital has grown to become the biggest and best private hospital facility in Newcastle.

On 18th February 1983 Lingard Private Hospital was officially opened as a surgical hospital by Sir James Rowland (Governor of NSW at the time), at our current site in Merewether Street. Previously, it had been operated as a nursing home.

As testament to the very talented people who have worked at Lingard over 40 years, our hospital has grown from a small, community facility offering elective surgeries, inpatient psychiatric care and cancer treatment to the state-of-the-art bustling surgical hospital you see today.

These days Lingard operates 14 surgical theatres, 2 endoscopy suites, level 1 & 2 intensive care, extensive robotics program, specialist and lifesaving surgery, coronary care, cardiac catheterisation, cardiothoracics and rehabilitation – across two sites. We utilise the best technology and latest medical practices, to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Thousands of people from Newcastle and beyond have Lingard as part of their story, whether through their medical career or as a receiver of our care – today we celebrate you! Happy 40th Lingard!

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